Friday, August 12, 2016

QUELDON - Appliactions and Uses 2016

QUELDON – Some Applications and Uses



What can Queldon energy help with?


Releases painful memories and emotional clutter

The feeling of ‘going nowhere’, disoriented and lost

Questioning/doubting learned habits and ideas

Religious fanaticism

Mind control

Mental/emotional blocks

Dealing with a controlling relationship or person

Behavioral patterns, addictions and abuse


Helps understand the reason behind a loss, rejection or ‘failure’

Questioning your spiritual origins and purpose

Understanding cosmic/universal matters

Confusion about your identity, sense of belonging

Helps Starseeds discover their true selves

Enabling one to connect with ‘galactic elementals’ and other intergalactic beings

Queldon works on human consciousness and the subconscious mind

Brings manifestation




What does a Queldon session feel like?


It feels like a deep meditation

The feeling of being inside a ‘bubble’ of energy

A feeling of deep knowing/understanding

Inner peace

A sense of lightness, time standing still

The energy feels like a strong, entity-like presence





Sabine Blais

August 7, 2016




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